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From my upcoming book: Heritor Cycle-Awakening

The seeker order was a a group of religious fanatics. They ruled with an iron fist over the human settlers​ in the desert planet Galacus.  Their governing creed was to refuse the frailty of age and physical weakness. Any form of weackness was considered a sin; a blasphemy to their beautiful God.  The rituals consisted ...

From Jon Scalzi-Old Man’s war

​Force is the easiest thing to use. It’s fast, it’s straightforward, and compared to the complexities of diplomacy, it’s simple. You either hold a piece of land or you don’t. As opposed to diplomacy, which is intellectually a much more difficult enterprise”

All it took was one look

I am sitting in my comfortable seat.The ovoid window peeks out to the empty void. Stars in families of milions scattered on the black canvas of space.  The soft hum of the thermo-propulsion engines were almost inaudible. Just a soft coddle felt by my shoulder as it pressed on the window frame.  I look around ...