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To my only

I’ll trade a lifetime for a day in your arms.  For your smile passes like a blessed eternity. ___________________ Never waste a chance to say something to the one you love.  Advertisements


The door rang.  The giant red door swayed open. John twists his head, relaxing his jaw as he sees me.  ” Why the man himself ! come here Peter?” We conjoin as brothers.  ” I’ve missed you man” John breathes on my blue suit.  I reply  ” I missed you too, you douche” We step ...

Just look at me (A letter)

It was in the night, like the last three nights, when we stopped talking. The last time we did, it ended with her crying. It started with her crying too. I should’ve listened to her cry. Instead, I succumbed to my aching self that demanded your acknowledgment. And Now that is all I am left ...