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To my only

I’ll trade a lifetime for a day in your arms.  For your smile passes like a blessed eternity. ___________________ Never waste a chance to say something to the one you love.  Advertisements


The door rang.  The giant red door swayed open. John twists his head, relaxing his jaw as he sees me.  ” Why the man himself ! come here Peter?” We conjoin as brothers.  ” I’ve missed you man” John breathes on my blue suit.  I reply  ” I missed you too, you douche” We step ...


It’s new Year’s Eve. I am in the mall, or rather, the arena. The finish line for last minute buyers. I was patting myself on the back for my foresight and wisdom. What a joy, I hadn’t a care in the world. I didn’t have to wrestle the clock. All was falling into place perfectly. ...