Confessions from my other self

Here is where we meet again. Where dead poets conjure and the living visit while they sleep. Here is from where my fingers tell tales ,as they nibble my keyboard and the scrubbling papers Here I paint with floating drops of ink, as they bleed from wounds of my innocent once young-self. Here comes my ...

SimbioTECH (Short Story)

  Harold was about to enter the top floor office. After all the security-bots were offering their virtual greeting for passing the requisite ID measures. His hand didn’t need to open the last door; As the door silently slid open. He was amazed again with the vastness of Deacon’s Master Office. The King and father ...

Just look at me (A letter)

It was in the night, like the last three nights, when we stopped talking. The last time we did, it ended with her crying. It started with her crying too. I should’ve listened to her cry. Instead, I succumbed to my aching self that demanded your acknowledgment. And Now that is all I am left ...

Forgive Me (A short story)

The roaring wind was tugging Adon’s torn shirt. At least he didn’t care anymore, for there was no caring soul within immense distances from his location. However, it seemed that the Gods were angrier than usual on this final day.


Why we love the Metabarons

Why we love the Metabarons I think the real question is, How can you not love the Metabarons? Imagine space opera, filled with existential concepts, mind boggling twists, taking you to the extremes of the dramatic spectrum. Greek mythology conjoined with star wars and dune. Creating the ultimate Geek unicorn we were hallucinating of.

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