Do what you have to, and feel great doing it!

You’ve always had that hidden value, that secret gift you thought could change the world, in your wildest dreams, you were able to fixate a picture that you were having coffee with Stephen King, or finding your name etched in history among the greatest.
Guess what, I believe you ?.
If anything could be more difficult in life, it would be crossing that spiked electrified fence called fear.  Actually, fear is one of our most important feats, a thing within our fabric of existence, some people wouldn’t recognize themselves without it.

Whether it’s being afraid of what your boss would rant about on Monday, or pass that wretched gut twisting exam you’ve been toiling for the last 2 months.
It’s within that continuous yellow spectrum, an obstacle that your mind hurls at you whenever you’d barely dare to think out of your comfortable little box.

The problem had never been relinquishing that feeling telling not follow through.The main issue was doing no matter what, despite feeling your fear tearing your insides to shreds. And here I might help you how to do that, but first goes first:

  • It’s all Mind. Yes, it’s all in your head.

A big chunk of your problem is not what is going on, but what you think would happen. Your mind is basically programmed to make it look almost impossible, it’s easier this way for it but not for you. Our minds are like computers, their primary directive would be just to keep you alive without investing any more energy than required.

So if you get faced with a tough one, and you have to make means to pass a giant hurdle in your life. Your mind will play every trick in and out of the book to get you running and screaming. And by rolling the dice over and over, you are kept from taking the only thing that would get where you want.

Or, Your mind would freeze your feet in the muck, while you roll the dice over and over, In the meanwhile, you are withheld from taking the action that would get where you want to be.

  • Taking the required action

When it comes planning for any goal, it couldn’t be more gorgeous on paper. However, getting to go through that dreaded second step is what keeps many dreamers in Wonderland. Despite the fact that we already know that taking the necessary action, or even any action could lead to tangible results. Even if what we’d done hadn’t achieved the required result, it might at least take us one step further in the right direction.

Even if you do something and fail, you’d never get out of it empty handed. You’d always be rewarded with some experience that could help in more grander steps.

So despite the validity and the inevitable benefit of taking action, why do we refrain?
Well, that is because we lack a very special ingredient for it to become more natural and less cumbersome. And that condition is;

  •  listen to the right voice in your head. 

In each and every one of us, there are two entities or two voices that are always responsible for what we do and say 24/7 of the time.

Two polar opposites in an eternal struggle that had been lasting for ages, since the first time you’d been feeling agonized over anything you had to do. Imagine your first fear when you had to make a life-changing decision, imagine that searing heat in your chest forcing you to you bite your nails to the knuckle.

And now is time for you to meet these two voices 42658_S

  1. The screeching brat: Imagine the biggest, whiniest child with an ever-lasting tantrum. Like those children, you watch at the candy isle and feel heartbroken for their parents. A similar entity still lives inside of you and could be more in control than you think.
  2. The Stoic Master: The other voice in you would be a stoic, calm and composed master of discipline and pure intellect. I imagine that entity as seasoned Samurai, you can call him your higher self or whatever you’d like.1010936_S

Imagine this master taking into account every possible outcome, judging silently and calculating the various strengths of each factor playing a part in your decision. Therefore, his decision would be swift and without unnecessary agitation. If the Samurai sees the futility of beating the dead horse any longer, then he would just abandon any fruitless endeavors and would only move on. Yes, you have that guy in you too.

Now how they play together.

Ask every psychologist, and they’d agree that there is a constant clash between your higher faculties and your primitive reptile brain.

The problem is that we take the screeching brat as our savior, while the Stoic master is left as for last resort. Without considering for one second, what each part of our mind is telling you.
If the easiest way out of anything is what you want, then, by all means, follow your fears; what is more comfortable than living life simply by the default of not dying without any passion or dreams fulfilled.

The other possibility would be to silence the Whiny vestigial brat-voice and let the grown-up in your head take control from now on.

Your mind is a magnificent instrument that can wield you if you’re not careful.

So if by any chance you find life cornering you in a tight dark space, all you have to do is:

Remember that whatever your feeling is mind, not necessarily real, the next thing would be to find and decide upon the necessary action. Moreover, take that decision after considering and acknowledging the right voices. Then find a  calm a and pristine place where you’d meet that higher self of yours and let him guide you; whether by conscious means or by subconscious nudging, out of your conundrum.

With time you can train your mind to automatically bypass your primitive fear-inducing zones in your head and go straight to your hidden talents of sophisticated problem-solving.

You will never run out of Fear in your life, so you’d might as well use it.

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