Rogue thoughts #2 No More!

I’ve had it with myself, it just took me to the limits. 
How many years should I offer my shadow to gorge on. Haven’t you had your fill??
Like a bottomless chasm I peer down my wound. 
My anger feeds my wings from the swamps of despair, but I am drawn to a collosal mass of fury burning my new awakened self. 

As if I live inside a hollow smiling statue and I look behind tainted glass eyes.
I see all the mortals relishing existence, I see the platitude in their days. That’s what I crave. For once still waters instead of worlds of thrashing storms.
I’ve had it with myself hiding the real light of me, I’m fed up living a life of tasteless fleeting pleasures. 
Dreams unspoken, songs unheard burried under the dampening leagues of sterile soil. 
My soul seeks awakening and out in the light. 
No more sorry, from now on my soul greets and swears never to depart. 
Today my past will have no voice to rule, my face will no longer lend a mask to my pain. 
It is over. Today I pay my debt to the light of day. 
Today I give my smile

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