Refined contemplation; Buddha and his word of the mind

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. Buddha

So it comes to this, our minds make us, as we make them in a sense. Imagine your brain as a self-correcting program made of countless threads of commands, that continues to update as you perpetually give it more data to digest.

As you grow up, you categorize certain values as moral while others are scoffed away as abhorrent.
And with time, the data you get exposed too becomes repetitive, and without you knowing it, your life becomes a replay of redundant experiences.

A trap of your mind.

However, isn’t it a responsibility to ensure a fresh feed of nurturing potent stimuli for the mind to gorge on?.

In this quote, the great Buddha teaches a simpler way of practicing our use of such a powerful instrument.


the mind could simply be put to rest from its frantic calculation, and to allow the mind to be imbued with a wondrous magical setting of even the most common perceptions.

We’ve all seen a tree, but it’s different to look at a tree without naming it a tree.

It’s just there, and it’s fantastic.

Allowing even the most mundane experience to naturally seep into your consciousness without sieving the pixels of data, just allowing everything to be. Living between the lines or notes if you will.

Call it what sounds right to you. I call it blissfully to exist.

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