Why I am worried over the next Star Wars episode.

So the Teaser trailer of Star Wars the last jedi just popped in every social media feed on the planet.
Forgive me for not poking through my phone over this one, after the hype-fatigue we’ve been suffering from our dying beloved franchises.

However, Star Wars still brings branches of hope.

I wouldn’t call the Force Awakens Bad, it’s just that we can call that movie adequately pleasing most. 
It gave us many questions of Who Rey is? Or what about this Snoke bloke?. 

Moreover, there was no shortage of fiction speculation swirling all over the Cypersphere. 

But now, the bets all or off. It’s the moment of truth, Disney can’t get away with mediocrity packaged in fan service any more. 

Yes they have a colossal fan base to cash in, but it come with a magnanimous cost. 
This episode has to deliver!!

What I mean by deliver I mean:

An interesting story that could grease the imagination of every generation; reminding us that Star wars was and ever will be our modern mythology, our Odyssey, our Iliad. 

Fictional voyages in time and space, emotional tensions spanning over generation of constant torment and suffering, forging fascinating characters with staggering development.

I am worried from the fact that Disney might play it safe by it’s formula story telling

Something like insert hero here kinda thing. 

I want Star Wars to break the boundaries from where it took us so far, I want to see a new world; fans want more spice, out of the comfortable Trio we all grew up with and loved, the next realm of Star wars has to begin.
One last caveat that I have to mention.

I have to say that I was hooked with the last phrase when Luke Skywalker mentioned that the Jedi must end

I could say that simple phrase made the whole trailer worth my while. 

If the episode’s core message was going to revolve over that premise then I am all for it. 

I just concerns me that it would turn out to be a gimmick; A carefully designed ploy that would tantalize the fans into something of an abstract more than a concrete narrative.

That sentence did give a hundred questions that I was dying to know about.

Could it be possible that the Jedi were the bad guys all this time???

So after the all whoop I’d have to say in the end that I would put off for now my excitement for this one. 

I prefer to go the theaters with a fresh unpolluted perspective and judge the film on its own merits like every movie deserves.
Thanks Guys
Stay Magnificent

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