At the rim of hope.

The city shattered to pieces. Torn apart by what they called a  Millenial Cyclone. 

The buildings were being stripped of their windows. The city was covered  by an ancient demon with a massive hovering round maw. A whirlpool in the red sky. 
Then the massive screen blinked to black. 

The crowd pulled several hundred gasps. 
It was true, demons do exist.
Humanity played with God, and now God made his move. 

Helena was still sobbing, covering her mouth.
Her chest throbbed as she couldn’t maintain her breath.
Her 9 year old Johnny was trapped in the swollowed city. 
She had left him in the care of her mother. How could she guess that calamity had other plans. 

Flying drones were feeding images from 2 km sky  high. 

People shrieked at the site of their once most glamorous martian city. 

Now engulfed in one giant black sphere. The drones were sending back every possible reading that could escape the black shell. 

The commentator was telling the struck audience how the relayed data indicated structural shifts within the city. 
All happening with tremendous speed. 

Helena could’t help but imagine her trapped little boy, she saw him yanked by supernatural winds. Torn to atoms by the unfathomable horrors eating away their city. 
What would a mother do?. 

Jostling between the masses.

 She found her way to the north western gate of Nexus city Gama. 
Two guards held her at bay as she forced herself againt the fiber-suit clad bodies. 

“You do not understand, my son is trapped?” she screamed at them.

One of the muffled voices said. 

” lady there is nowhere to go from here”.

“What do you mean? I have to get there and find my son”

The guards looked at one another. One of them.shrugged. 
” Lady, the dark reactor cracked, it’s over. No one can survive that. Even scientists can’t calculate the damages. The city’s torn in one big black hole.”

“Hell we might evacuate the whole system” the other guard added. 

Helena sensed the futility of her action so she commited the biggest crime to herself. 

She pulled out her CORE sponsorship card and snapped it into uneven halfs. 

The guards were dumbfounded by Helena’s bold choice, then moved to the side. 

Deliberately damaging your CORE membership could prove fatal in such a planet. Helena had no more claim over any available rations nor shelter in any CORE operated colony.
She no longer had rights, neither did she have to follow any rules. 

She sprinted out of the gates. The massive bulks of metal collapsed behind her. 

All she thought of was her Johnny. 

She found a bi-thruster hoverbike lying on its side. It was obvious how the sense of impending doom made Martians less anxious about their precious toys. 

She hopped on, scrolling down the small destination menu. 

She could’ve punctured the small graphite screen, discovering  the word. NEXUS ALPHA. 

The sand dunes flew by. 

Wisps of sand snatched at her face, seeking her bare moist eyes. Wincing against the horizon, she could see the massive black bulge, growing in girth as she approached her doomed destination. 

In the middle of her frantic speed, her mind yelped one last possible plead. 

Her heart pushed her foot against the speed peddle. The twins flames behind her were now bigger and brighter. 

In the last 200 meters, she saw her nearing reflection, as if the dome was made of black glass.

As she hit the abysmal wall, her bike ricocheted off the unyielding surface. 
Interestingly, she did not deflect away. She was pulled inside, consumed by vertigo, her bike twirled, her total mass contorted in countless directions, twisting her mind.
A sense of nausea, followed by total somatic detachment.  

As she came to her senses, she realized her free fall, recognizing the approaching blue concrete. 
She yanked at the bar, leveling the bike in the last 5 meters. 

Her imminent collision with a rusting brass column urged her to veer to the left, sending her bike in a spin. 
She wrenched herself from the bike, rolling on the dusty white floor. 
She only heard the blast of her bike as it rammed a nearby building wall. 
Helena collected her breath, she was flat on her back, sucking the charged air with agony. She felt a shooting pain in her back, ascending as she pulled more breath. 
She hissed a silent curse at her broken rib, begging for no more wounds. 
Her eyes opened, she saw the sky swirling like a thick soup of soot. 
Aimlessly,she negotiated her back to arch up the ground. The pain pinned her down as she screamed. 
Her shriek summoned a distant figure. 
She bellowed a call of help to the inbound spectre. 
The figure turned to be a thin human. Hunching over bent knees, stooping as he or she shuffled on the pavement with torn sandals. 
His face was covered with filthy gray hair.Helena almost wished for him to leave. 
The old man loomed over Helena, tilting his wrinkled hairy face, his lips protruded, hiding his bare gum line. 
” Help me please” Helena urged the old man. 
His eyes lit up, he opened his toothless mouth, emitting strange sounds, indiscernible between laugh or cry. 
Helena asked the old man again. 
” Please, HELP ME!”
The man sniffled and touched Helena’s arm. He finally spoke. 
” Mom?? is it really you??”.

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