Challenging the frame 

My eyes deceptively try to tell me that I lost something. Or that my very being was tugged into danger. 
An invisible hollow threat was lurking beyond every corner within range of sight. 
I see nothing. I hear nothing, only the whispers my mind that keep telling me as I delve more and into this tangible realm. 

A murky dimensions clouding my one true sense. My sense of self. 

should you listen my to the wails of imminent danger? or do I settle behind the screen of solid space and subside back to the void of truth. 
I challenge this frame.
I fight it. 
I negotiate the spine that is piercing me. As I  push the black spike  it slides deeper and deeper until I become one with this blinding pain.
Love calls my name yet I understand only the language of wails and sighs. 
I call this state of unbeing to be conscious then I muster my strength to question. 
Why do mortals choose their doom.
Why not depart from our old decaying selves, and with ease,  embrace every frame of life.
Every story told in an instant of liquid time.  
Isn’t pain just a question? and isn’t suffering the easiest answer?

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