From my upcoming book: Heritor Cycle-Awakening

The seeker order was a a group of religious fanatics.
They ruled with an iron fist over the human settlers​ in the desert planet Galacus.

 Their governing creed was to refuse the frailty of age and physical weakness.

Any form of weackness was considered a sin; a blasphemy to their beautiful God. 

The rituals consisted of self mutilation and metallic implants that would upgrade their physical capacities and senses.

They considered this painful process a neccesity through which they achieved the path to divinity.

Morality was considered an abomination if it ever stood in the way of their evolutionary life. 
They were masters of technology and philosophy. But it seems from historical records that they took a more individualistic way of condoning horrendous acts towards themselves and others. 

Some records proclaim that they recycled the bodies of their dead for nourishment. Indulging biotechnological experiments on the remaining necrotic tissue. 

Bred in sludge pools, with every generation they extracted every flaw from their genetic makeup. 

As they grew within their temple, they were somatically and mentally sculpted with painful gruesome trials. 

The seeker dictum coursed through their veins.

Each and every one of them,  hungered to  prove the worth of his existence. The alternative would be to suffer death and subsequent harvesting. 

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