The Rush

This is an unusual post. 

Although I always aimed to maintain my messages in this blog as clear as possible. 

But still, I feel that I have more to say than to simply imagine odd fictional landscapes or bizzare heroic dillemas brewed by my imagination.

I truly believe that there is still more value I can provide. 

Today I want to ask a question. 

More likely a deep hidden contemplation that still stirs in each and every one of us. 

It’s just that we very often lose focus and stray away from our true path. 

The question is simply put:

If we all reach the same destination, then why do agonize on what we do on the way?

Now sit back and read again every word in that question. 

We all eventually arrive to the same spot. Some people might argue that we run full circle. 

From vulnerable moments of birth, we barely experience happiness in our strongest years, then back again to frailty and death. 

In other words, could it be that there are only two things we coud absolutely be certain of. 

Death and uncertainty itself. 

I could make it even more plain than that. 

Birth followed by constant uncertainty then death. 

like we ride one big wave that we barely experience its crest. Before we know it, we tumble down and collapse back to obscurity.

Now after coming to terms with these indisbutable facts, you might be experiencing fret or slight anguish after remembering the grim brevity of your existence. 

Don’t worry I felt it too. 

But the idea behind this post is to look beyond the paradigm your mind has been convincing you with all your life.

If you look at life with the lens of its length, secretly craving immortality, then you have missed the point of life alltogether. 

Now let’s go back to that wave again. 

Imagine that you didn’t care how much it lasted. You simply embraced the flow of life as it was beeing offered to you. 

Like you are riding a car and the wind is blowing through your hair. You cannot guarantee that everything you see will truly amaze you. 

Nevertheless, that sense of adventure you get to feel is beyond any quantifiable value. 

You had been invited to this existence, given gift for you to enjoy. 

Forgetting that life is a journey is one of the main reasons people fall in the trap of disparity and dismay. 

Instead of feeling the movement of life we experience life as a rut, a hole in which we slowly sink into black abyss. 

In the same time, your programmed mind keeps convincing you of this rat race, nudging you to get ahead, crushing your bones as you fight your way out of mediocrity just to make a faint mark on the endless wall of fate. 

You can call it ambition, but with what cost?. 

Am I saying to just abandon what you do and just hand your reins to fate? No, absolutely not!. 

I am just asking you: How are you spending your valuable finite time? 

  • Are you constantly worrying over your future?
  • Are you providing value to others?
  • Are you only seeking wealth, and abandoning pursuit of every other beautiful thing?
  • How much time do you spend in loving yourself?
  • How many times have you sought a fulfilling experience?
  • Are you doing what you want to do or what you ought to do?
  • How much are you living for yourself?

Ask these questions everyday.

Ask and let the answers remind you of what you should be doing. 

Answer carefully each question and ask. How would I love to live my life?

Wouldn’t it be more worthy of my time, to invest in myself and my value. 

Make everything around me better,  finding ways to become more passionate in what I do. Or maybe I should be searching for something else to do. 

Isn’t life too short to suffer?. 

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