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Heels of steal, successive splashing on the wet concrete.

Giggles faint in the night showers. Plumes of smoke departing from square hatched.
My nylon hood is shading my face till my stubbled chin.

One might think I’m a humanoid feline with fully mastered bipedal motion.

My broad shoulders stretch my nylon coat. I hear the incessant taps on my coat, disturbing my nocturnal trance as I commute to my lair. yes I called it that!

Under my coat was a hidden prize. A square of carbo-film. My neurons were to be sacrificed to the God of pleasure.

In this tossed scrap of existence, dropping few thousands brain cells for a 6 minute escape is what I consider the ideal trade-off.
What else could we do in a city with  discarded souls like last season hardware.

All its lives, talents, any mustered hope, cast in the rusting pile like everything else in the city.
The pile was growing, a mosaic mountain  of scrap and decomposing flecks of rotten flesh. Machines could not fight obsolescence but the living could improvise.
I saw a man with rigid carved patches of writhing muscle under a pale yellow wet skin.

A boy tease for the willing wicked. He turned his head to reveal thin vertical slit pupils and scaled cheeks.It just amazed me what the heart would want next.
I pass by a group of boys shouting and bickering. Political rightness of the youth, each anxiously asking for distinction by recognition of any opinion their subsidized education could offer.

However, I had to admit that their  conversation was full of substance. And their brains were swimming in it too.
Three blocks and I’m home. I see a nice gal. Hentai vibe, my type indeed like any man with flowing juices. I sway to the side approaching her to a near brush.

Her perfume draws me closer.
A come to a halt, allowing my sight to register on her sensors. My nostrils collect her pheromones, I seal the deal with a smile.

She smiles back. Her eyes flicker.

” 10,000 creds a number, 20,000 cred for 2 hours…..” and so did the string of words scroll in her eyes.
I bite my lips before I was to drop the F bomb. Nevertheless I loved how the latest fuck-model looked. They don’t hold back costs anymore.
I succeed in avoiding the next few corners, women, beasts you name it.
Some willing to give. Some with the appetite to behave less cordial.
Every night I have to squeeze between hot clamps of fate. Every day  does this city give me a run for it.
My existence could be a score on a board. Life is a one-touch-lose game.
And sure, was I good at it. The secret was like I said. We improvise.
I reach my stairs. The last chapter of noire short story. I see the laid torn pages of some old paper blotched wet spots marring the smiling faces just under the headlines.”New discovery” it says.

A new way to flick off our parents.
New augments, a new way to look just a little better. A little more acceptable than the plagued lepors we secretly are.
The stairs were guarded by hobos sitting on the steps, folding arms like dressed goblin statues.
I wanted to tell them about the smiling newspaper,but I thought the joke was too harsh.

One dared to cross my path. Scolding me with his blood shot eye. I straighten my chest, I let him know that I’m all business. So he considered if he wanted to get any.
He makes his best decision in years not to waste my time.
He moves on and drops to the ground.
I reach my deck. I press my prop-card against the scan panel. The door clicks and opens.

I rush to the bathroom and hang my dripping coat.
My hair is a bundle of shining black curls. I stiffen my jaw, the sheet of muscle below my cheek hardens.
I  take of my shirt. And I see the silver rimmed red light dug in my sternum. I rub an arched switch around the rim and within seconds my vision seems to flicker.

The holo image disappears and I start to rub my supple sore breasts. A step back to admire my modern curse.
I missed you girls all day.
I put on my lipstick, and wipe the beads below my nose. I hold my neck with two hands. I stare back to the girl in the mirror.
Then I thought.
If only the world knew I looked this beautiful.

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