It’s new Year’s Eve. I am in the mall, or rather, the arena. The finish line for last minute buyers. I was patting myself on the back for my foresight and wisdom. What a joy, I hadn’t a care in the world. I didn’t have to wrestle the clock. All was falling into place perfectly. In about one hour I was to begin my masterpiece dinner. I was to be the choreographer for the ball that was to be held on my guests’ taste buds. I had it all planned. And what a treat did I had for them.

So as I was comfortably leaning on the silver rail, watching the large white clearing between the shops and the boutiques. And from time to time, I got to witness the scurrying ruffled mother with the dangling colorful bearings for the night’s occasion. The hurrying men, panicking over the uncrossed items of the crinkled papers chewed out from the pockets that held them for weeks. Holding their phones, following the instructions of an angered spouse. Eagerly searching for the requisite ransom. Feebly attempting to salvage what was left of the night. “It should be perfect this year.”

Not to boast, but relieving myself of such a fret, moreover, acknowledging my success over the usual fray, didn’t give the feeling of triumph at all. This night was just another celestial revolution in the stars, did it have any actual meaning, did it matter from a life or death perspective?. No, not at all. It is obvious how this day had always been hauntingly important due to the mortal concept attached to it.

Another strike in our favor against impending death, or a beckoning for a new beginning. This year will be better than the other, what could be a better reason to be festive about?.

As my mind was wandering about, I had to find a meaning completely unique for myself. I had to bond with other mortals, why was this day be more special than any other day?. My mind simply hungered for the answer, I had to grovel in front of the lords of logic, nevertheless, they silently betrayed me. It seems that no logic could help me find this elusive meaning after all.

Then in a second, my wife emerged from the clothing store. In that instant, I was struck again by her beauty, her elegance, everything that embodied my fascination in the human race was solely contained in this short stature of a female body. In that reverie, I had no will over my hand or voice to announce my presence; Her beauty completely contrasted the scampering masses of the agonized throngs. Like a swan in a misty lake, her stride was being slowed down by by the command of imagination. My senses were captured again and again with each framed moment, completely seized by the sight of this outstanding creature. Like a focal point in my universe pulling everything neatly together. A center of my existing reality, a gravitational force providing stability and elegance for all.

The graceful creature then found me. And what followed was powerful and vibrant smile, like a pulse tugging all the threads that wove my world. My fantasy took a new breath, all my confusion was awash and my feet had found solid ground once more.

This meaning sought by my meager mind, was beyond any set rules of reason. As all the happenings and objects of our universe were revealed to be swirling lines of smoke emanating from one bright flame. A flame taking sustenance from a fold of existence deep within us all. A feeling of life and wellness that made anything pale to its unfathomable glory.

My new year was in every possible moment of this lucid dream we call life.
And love animated all.
Love is the only meaning you can find.

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