Wrinkeled hands on my chest. 

It was a day like any other

I sat down with my burdened mind. A hazy sight for my immersed self

The world was plummeting down, the very wind fled my chest

My feverish heart rebelled inside me

I was hollow with brittle bones . No light peeked out of the cracks

I was the emptiness that claimed me and all I had

I was the prisoner of fate with no chains

My own weight shackled me down to the cold soil

I was sinking in the dark side of soul, pleading for air.

Shouting for help, shouting to be rescued.

So for once I ventured below to the labyrinth of my doom

I accepted the will of my demons, it is time I serve my sentence

And there

In the belly of darkness, I felt the tingling cold touch pressing against my skin

My hands trembled as I came to feel the touch of this black world

My life had been a theater played by terrors

but this one was tangible, this was more pure

As I got accustomed to this world of shadows

I was able to make the details of my companion

It was fear itself in its glorious form

And it looked like me, more gaunt and senile

Such a familiar thing that I knew all my life

This familiarity was rooted like a childhood song

It held on to me like dear life. I tried to plead with it, I was not its salvation

together we were sinking to the unknown abyss

The demons hands had been weld with mine

This union had been long ago

As I broke the frail hands off my limbs, I then started to ascend. My soul was now on fire and I had wing.

The ancient wraith had lifted its empty eyes as I left its dark tomb.

Then it muttered the words from a voice a knew from long ago.

Till we meet again.

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