Honor (A short story)


The wind was pressing against the chieftain aching body. After days and days of trailing the enemy, now it has come to make things right.

The chief’s resolve was now fueled by the heat of his simmering rage. Nothing could dampen the shrieking memories of his young ones slaughtered.

After many years of existing on this earth, the chieftain accepted the swaying scale of life. But this deed he could not accept.

The sight of his loved ones’ blood being spilled by treacherous beings; It shattered what logic he had in him. Now the balance of life had to listen to his will.

He planted his legs on top of the hill like javelins. He was ready for the kill. As he gawked over the sprawled clearing below, his heart could now remember the hint of delight from seeing the murderers he sought.

His whole world was now gathered in front of his eyes. Although he was not alone, the outcome would not change. It was a suicide mission even if he survived.
No possible promise from the future could replenish his will to survive.
The hole in his heart hungered for revenge; no primordial fear could keep him from what he was set to do.

His fellow and guardian tread to his side.

“Ready when you are chief.”
The chieftain turned to face his brothers in life, and soon, his companions his death.

“My brothers, by our silver goddess of night, we will do to those what they had done to us, our fallen families will not be cast aside as scavengers meat. Their love in our hearts has given us joy in their lifetimes and throbbing pain for rest of ours, but this pain will be allayed tonight. 

 This day we will taste their meat, not for the sustenance of our bodies, but as remedies for our broken souls. The screams of my wife and children will not fade into the night. Your dead will be pleased tonight, for this is not an act of revenge, this night; we bring balance and enlightenment to any depraved mind that ever dares to disobey the rule of our mother”.

The tribe members started to hiss and grunt as the rage ascended to their blazing eyes.

“My brothers and sisters, tonight we bring death and welcome it, This time we depart from this world and take with us offerings to the bellies of hell.  

Let us bathe in the red waters of our enemies and cast the shadow of death on their aghast faces

As I descend this hill in this final act, let the last act of our tribe be a glorious one.”

The chieftain trampled the grass floor and raced down the hill on the unsuspecting men below. Two dozen members of his tribe followed him down like an army of death. Their war cries were now echoing among the sleeping mountains.

As one of the hunters woke up to the commotion, he raised his gaze upwards examining the flock of devils heading his camp’s  way.  A shuddering scream was now all over the slumbering camp


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