Warrior Heart. 

I had a dream once, that I could fly with a flock of dragons.  That I could sail on crimson seas and find distant forsaken treasures. And in that dream I gave up hate and anguish. Beasts of land and sea trembled at my sight. I was every prophecy in flesh. I was what hell cursed of fear and what heaven sang in praise. My hair were threads of light and my skin was fair as an angel’s breed. I touched the stars from wherever I lay. legends were collected from my gallant deeds. I was the avatar of honor and truth. My feet kissed all the sands of this earth. My skin had soaked in the salty water of all mighty seas. 


In my lone moments. I shudder, I grief for myself. For what is anything if not shared with a kindred soul. As if the world could not exist, if not shared between entwined souls. All complexion would dry from the absence of a passionate touch. My fair flesh is but a false shroud over a gouged husk. At times when I share sighs with the selenial goddess I only dream of another who would accept to walk this earth. Under her neck I would seek a warm aclove to safekeep my secrets and tears.  A voice that would echo mine, giving me utter pain and pleasure. To have me yearn in my dreams to wake up and to see her by my side. Her name would be my enchanting spell. To be smothered by the locks of her fragrant hair. To cherish with her the ensuing decay of our bones.

To have a home at last . 
May this life answer this one last prayer. 

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