A new day.

If it could, my shaddow would dance away.

As my crumbling self would succumb under the weight of my thoughts. 

We sing our sighs in chorus. Yet Time never siezes its tale 

From between my agonized fits of self, I witnessed a horizon promising a brilliant dawn 

Asking that I shed my stale, breaking skin. Asking that I forget my name. 

To venture the clear waters of change to melt the crust away from my flesh

I am reacquainted with my spectral youth that never left. 

Deceptively, I allowed this screen of mist to hide me from salvation

I held the keys to my prison, all along.

I dug up the moats with blood and wasted tears

And I am now conquerd with happiness and shame. 

I have now found myself in the rust and rubble. 

I am a newborn in this malleable world 

As I start to count my blessings, the first would be my smile. 

  1. Thank you all for your likes. I welcome your suggestion and feedback for my writing.



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