SimbioTECH (Short Story)


Harold was about to enter the top floor office. After all the security-bots were offering their virtual greeting for passing the requisite ID measures.
His hand didn’t need to open the last door; As the door silently slid open. He was amazed again with the vastness of Deacon’s Master Office. The King and father of Symbio-Tech. A mammoth company the practically was the breathing body of the Biotech industry.
Harold found his boss facing the slick screen telling him about the nocturnal city. He found the latency in his response to be a gesture of a congested mind.

“ Hey, Deacon, save some of that mind for the rest of the world, would ya?”

Deacon slowly twisted expressing an appropriately worn smile.
“What is the matter, care to share?”.Deacon softly clicked the switch behind his desk, with hidden intricacy the whole office was sealed from outside intrusions. It was himself, his friend, and the cool conditioned air, filling the space between.

“Harold, do you still remember how I was when I came back to the office after the accident. Was it four years ago?.”
Yeah, I suppose. Never bothered to count after all the work we’ve been doing. I just remember the relief when we found out that you’d make it from that crash. You know we couldn’t accomplish anything here without you buddy. Hey wait a second, aren’t we suppose to be celebrating for today breakthrough. You did it again God dammit. Come on I’ll call Sher to arrange the transport for the Private Den. The first round of shots on me, after that, you know I can’t afford the shit you drink.”
Harold stopped his planning for the evening after he saw the adamant concern in his friend’s face.

“It’s a breakthrough all right.”

“You know what is my curse, Harold? I can see!. After the accident I developed a curse of seeing stages ahead after one single incident. It might make you a great captain for a multi-billion industry. But I also can foresee other things.
“What do you mean?”

“Today’s experiment is as far as we go. We will retrace our steps to the safer ground. I am shutting down the CMI division.”

Are you shitting me, right now? That invention will put our company on the face of history forever. We’re talking about immortality here, Chemical memory implantation. Allowing the consciousness of human brain to move forward beyond dying bodies. It was the step we always talked about. You mastered the peptide sequence for christ’s sake. Twelve years of our lives, Twelve years God dammit. Please tell me you’re fucking with me”

His hand was trembling with anger. Although he knew when Deacon wanted something done(In this case to be undone), Then it would precisely happen as he desired. Deacon was a man carved out from steel resolve. It was what carried them beyond horizons; others only dreamt of. He was beyond human.

“Harold sit down, Have a glass of water.”
“No, tell me what is going on.”
“Isn’t it obvious, You are smarter than you believe to be. However, My elaboration might soften you about my call.”
Deacon started to elaborate “We have proven that we can implant memories.”
“And? Isn’t that a great thing?” Harold shouted
Deacon answered his friend’s confusion with another benevolent smile.
“ Look at the world we live in. People like us make decisions for millions of individuals. We can call ourselves moral. However, morality depends on how much we can afford.”
“Competition can make you do amazing things, Like mastering agricultural cloning, feeding millions of starving souls around the world, Nevertheless it has to coincide with the direction of profit.”
We were lucky to be moral so far because our company could swim independently from the ebb and flow of politics and economy. I assure you, there will come a time in which we will compromise!. Nothing big like CMI would go unnoticed. I can’t even guarantee that plans aren’t being made for it in  this very moment”
Harold raised his eyes to Deacons. He now grasped what his friend was aiming for. It wasn’t a far-fetched idea that people would use this technology to implant memories inside clones, Replacing key figures in politics and industrial leaders with soulless bodies. Obeying the whims of the competing sides.
Harold nodded in wry agreement. He rose and held his friend’s hand.

” I understand, You are right.”
“I know you hate me now Harold, but I have to stop this now. I am responsible for what might happen, and believe me; it is more than a certainty. Now, that Den idea of yours sounds terrific let’s call Sher.”
“Deacon, you made sure the room was sealed, right?.”
Deacon stood a distance from his friend, astonished from the question,
“of course you did,”

At that second, Harold pointed his arm toward his faithful friend, a white puff erupted from his wrist. Something had traversed the three meters between them and entered Deacon’s body. Seconds later he was lying down on the floor. A big pool of blood was forming around his shaking body.

Harold sat down in his former friend’s executive chair. Leaning back, closing his eyes trying to relieve his senses from what had just transpired. His friend of so many years had just died. And he was expecting his accomplice to arrive shortly.

A secret door announced its presence as it opened from within the wooden tiles on the wall. A much older Deacon appeared and started to examine the body resembling his younger self.

“This one almost lasted longer than the last one.” said the new Deacon
“ It was expected. A Flaw in the copying process I suppose.”
“Why would you say that?.”
“Because this one wasn’t a festering ass hole like you.”
“I thought you liked the asshole who kept you young and rich, despite your incompetence.”
“Maybe one day you’ll be totally replaced with a younger model too.”
“This one was a timing bomb waiting to pop, it’s a good that it didn’t blabber too much” Deacon exclaimed.

“Call it a talent, providing total illusion of trust” Harold claimed proudly.

“Let’s dispose of it before it stinks.” The real Deacon looked at his demised copy, expressing a hint of regret.

“ Well his mind did provide the solution for the peptide I’ll give him that, Make sure you archive his Neural pathways. The next one will start from where he finished.”

“Another accident?”

“No, make him wake up after some occupational exertion.” Deacon almost snorted the last order.

Before the two left the room, Harold set the sanitation program, the floor started oozing acid consuming the body to sludge. Subsequently to be drained by the transitory pores in the carpet. Forever losing the good Deacon with all its wasted morals in the sewage lines of SimbioTech.

The End.

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