Forgive Me (A short story)

The roaring wind was tugging Adon’s torn shirt. At least he didn’t care anymore, for there was no caring soul within immense distances from his location. However, it seemed that the Gods were angrier than usual on this final day.

At last, his son will leave this desolate face of a planet, already pronouncing its last words. After the successful experiment on his FTL engine installed in his tiny craft. Now he can provide an escape route from the horrid fate that awaited him.
The ship’s importance was not meant to be weighed by its appearance, but rather by its cargo. It had his last progeny, the one that still had the stamina to carry its feeble torso on its scrawny three limbs.
Adon exhausted all of his paternal love and devotion in his work to save his last son. He had already buried dozens over the decades. Never will he be forced to endure such a loss again. His dark blue fingers were clasping on last crates of his data Wafers, perfectly placed within the small ship’s confines. They would be his son’s only solace during his cold Odyssey in space. He has to survive, he must, otherwise, insatiable oblivion would engulf all that ever was of his race.
As he turned his tall, dark neck, to look for his son. His heart tugged at him, as the racing seconds approached the most dreaded one. The moment they would part ways and say goodbye.
However, his son was still gazing at the blurred horizon. As the distant flaming grounds were bursting like ghosts unleashed from their millennial abodes.
“Karon, what are you looking at? Come, my son, there is no time left to contemplate. Now is the time of action” “You should rather recapitulate your maneuvering algorithms, strengthen your weaknesses my son, the adventure is cruel as it is cunning. The asteroid belt should provide ….”
“Stop Father”
Adon turned his head, shielding his son from his expression. After all, it was too much a task for any soul to bear. Karon had to carry the wealth of all the Shitaka race. Even more, to find an oasis, a shelter to spread wisdom, to preach foolish lesson his race failed to grasp.

Their arrogant grip over tradition defied the warning cries of their planet and its crumbling ecological balance. Had left its tremendous toll to decide the fate of all that ever lived on this dilapidated world.

Only Adon and his sagacious pariah were fortunately outcast. Giving them the chance to pursue one last chance for their race.
Adon tirelessly spent two dozen eclipses, till his final working ship was complete. Fully equipped with ion propelling engines, enabling it to send their last hope among the stars.
He lost four of his offspring during his hard work. And Karon was the last and fortunate to be yet spared.
“Son…I am asking you to come here” He said as the tears felt acidic among the crust built up from the dry and toxic air.
Karon tread to his father. With his head bowing, not only in respect but also in utter shame.
“Father forgive me.”
“I understand my son; I fully quantify the weight you carry on your growing raw mind. However, when life places a path, The living have to breathe its bidding. Look around you. Is all this death not enough for you to estimate what resisting life’s urge can bring.”
Karon raised his eyes; he finally decided to disclose to his progenitor his hidden shame. What he was about to say, had to overcome his father’s logic.
“Father, I will follow you for leagues in the darkest abyss. However, here your choice is but an erroneous one.”
Adon allowed his mind to be scarcely puzzled.Nonetheless, his broad intellect swiftly brought to his awareness, what his son was trying to convey.
“Father, our race deserves a dreamer who can believe beyond death.”
Adon could not hold back the flood of tears from his black eyes. His hand was trembling and raised to his mouth, trying to stop his shameful sob.
“Father please, you know what must be done.”
Adon Turned around. It was too much. He held back the idea so long. For the first time, he had lost an intellectual debate, and with a being so many decades his junior. How could he argue with such wisdom?
He finally realized how his message was much bigger than any organic love his heart could summon.

To what resembled a solemn ritual, they exchanged two vials; Karon took the red one from his father, as his father accepted the blue offering from his son, carrying the genetic stabilizer that would suppress his metabolism for the billion league journey ahead.

As the ship lifted off, Adon looked from his pilot canopy. His son was still looking at him; the winds were getting stronger as the pressure pits around the planet were tossing around the crumbling planetary atmosphere.
Karon was standing in front of a hole in the ground, and with closed eyes, he ingested the potion of everlasting silence. Within mere moments he tumbled into the pit. Allowing the roaring winds to bury his blue flesh.
Adon had to look upwards; the stars were his home now. His ship had to be the cradle of his teachings. His race’s last spoken words among the eons of quiet space. He had buried his barren love forever, for he will never allow it to poison his reason again.

The End

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