The wicked voice in my head


Stop it I say.

Is it not enough that you steal the space in my head.

That you absorb the life in my body

That you abuse my patience and offer nothing but labeling clatter

Does it not suffice that I gave you life and you give me nothing but a crave for death

Grant me peace. Just one generous moment, a breath lasting moment

For I miss the paradise of silence

I gave you all there is. I gave you my name and my face. And you still bargain for my soul

I cannot give it to you. For I lost the way to where it was.

However, it sends me letters from the abyss of sleep

It calls me home to where I truly belong

What is that you say?

That I am nothing, never was and never will be

Then why am I granted this waking moment in existence if I am not worthy

With spikes of past and future you poke my heart

Yet it keeps on tirelessly beating

For it listens to the heavens, summoning messages for this world

If you shut me up, my hands will still write

Letting the world know

I am love, I am all.

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