Why we love the Metabarons

MetabaronsWhy we love the Metabarons

I think the real question is, How can you not love the Metabarons? Imagine space opera, filled with existential concepts, mind boggling twists, taking you to the extremes of the dramatic spectrum. Greek mythology conjoined with star wars and dune. Creating the ultimate Geek unicorn we were hallucinating of.

It all started with the character of the Metabaron first introduced in one of the most influential comics of all time THE INCAL created by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Here we see the main protagonist accompanied with this heavily armed, brooding and terrifyingly powerful Metabaron and his loyal companion Tonto.

Although the Incal was a tremendous hit, fans kept on asking for more. Hence the comic Title The Metabarons was first conceived. With a running series between 1992 and 2003, fleshing the origins and ancestry of this bad ass character. This space opera offered readers a vast multi-verse spanning story that hooked me from the first issue.

Shout out for Comic girl 19 for first introducing me to the works of Jodorowsky in her episode of Jodorwsky’s Dune.  Watch the video here

So where do I start, here are the 5 main reasons why I think That the Metabaron is an uncontested masterpiece.
1. Story span.
The story carries us in a long cyclical path. Spiraling across several generations, progressively ascending the pace of tragic plots and rich character development. It starts in a semi-medieval set up with themes of knighthood and honor. Passing by theocratic dilemmas, stakes rising to include emotional inner torments. All studded with gems of SCI-FI magnificence.
2.Amazing characters.
Here I must give away an important aspect of the Metabarons. Do not worry, this article remains spoiler free. Every Metabaron has to hand down the title to his male progeny, only after a duel to the death. So with every chapter we get to see a hero arc rising from a mystical births, slowly growing, attaining strength, facing unspeakable horrors till eventually we see our hero facing his inevitable death on the hands of his successor. Nonetheless, it leaves us each time with a gaping hole in our soul, slowly winning us over again with what the next generation has to offer. And that is without mentioning the charm of all the side characters and villains.
3. Underlying themes.
While turning the pages and scrolling the images of this oustanding saga. One tends to observe the themes that are prodding the reader from between the page panels. What started as a survival epic story, takes you without permission to ask questions of personal identity and self discovery. Playing recklessly yet bravely with contemporary subjects like religion and politics. Although it is depicted in the future, one can not miss the hints towards our current social dilemmas all encased in an entertaining format.
4. Visually astonishing.
Here is the element that is the most enjoyable. Not only do we read the visceral and moist imagination of the organic heart & soul writing of Alejandro Jodorowsky. We get an even better treat by seeing it.
What would I think no studio would ever dare to depict on screen, since no one can handle such a rich vision. We see Alejandro overcoming this problem by exposing our senses to the amazing art and style of Juan Gimenez. Feast with your eyes, as you watch strange aliens, deformed monarch, and even love interests with robot eyes. Yes I said that and I am not taking anything!

5. Finally the master story teller.
As I said in my last post how I think every writer’s main aim should be to heighten senses in order to conceive a better story. We can see that talent’s pinnacle in flesh while following the works of this amazing artist. We see the artists beliefs and hidden ideas, overcoming the petrified box of false self. Giving way to pure untarnished soul. It is the way of the true visionary, purified and distilled in the image of the Chilean and French master Alexender Jodorowsky. And yes I cannot praise him enough.

What started as a boring afternoon, made me start reading this saga, I got sucked in the vortex of ingenuity. I can talk and talk about it. But I can only let it talk for itself. Or rather let it tell you about yours. Give it a shot. I could say your mind would be blown, but that would be a huge understatement.

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